Our Mission

New Jersey International Open University

New Jersey International Open University

Across our worldwide network institutions, we share a mission to make quality of high education accessible and affordable so that more students can pursue their dreams. It’s a mission we believe will help make the world a better place.

At the centre of our vision is value defined by our students and those who employ them.

A professionally-oriented education with an international perspective helps prepare students to achieve and succeed in the global marketplace.


International students, faculty, alumni and families, and the employers who hire our graduates are making a positive difference in communities around the world when they are succeed. We believe that education is the surest path to opportunity and that individual dreams are fulfilled and societies are advanced by broadening access to a university-level education.

We made all the difference, because it gave the flexibility and allowed you to study in familiar surroundings and is a place where you will learn new things, explore your career ambitions, create lasting friendship, experience student’s life, and expand your mind.

About us

Welcome to New Jersey International Open University where we will help you to prove and invest your abilities in whatever career you choose to pursue.

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Students may transfer credits from another graduate or professional program if the credits are appropriate to the NJIOU programme.

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Directors Message

Maybe you want to enter the business world from scratch. Perhaps you already have a job but want to move to the next level. Or maybe you want to start your own business

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Why Choose Us?

Expert teachers

NJIOU holds an accreditation team to the highest quality, and is open to new ways of thinking about measuring and assessing institutional performance.


NJIOU postgraduate programmes are regularly updated to reflect the latest proven concepts, methods and practices.

Management & Training

Our training courses are tailored to suit individual businesses and help you to successfully introduce solutions within your company in next to no time.