Leadership Development

New Jersey International Open University

New Jersey International Open University Leadership Training courses are designed for anyone who interacts with internal or external customers, project team leaders, employees who serve on teams, or managers who want to enhance other skills through leadership team development in order to achieve outstanding results.

Leadership development is needed to successfully take charge of your team in today's business world. This management leadership training course will teach you how to stop managing and start leading; and, as a result, make you a vital part to your organization's future. Investing in leadership development training will help build your team's leadership fundamentals, which will ensure you are more than likely to have a bright career path ahead of you.

New Jersey International Open University Leadership Training courses are designed for motivated people who are ready to become motivated leaders, in their unit, their agency and their community. Are you looking for advancement, or for new ways to lead your staff towards better outcomes? Are you responsible for implementing changes in how your agency provides service? Is it hard to find training appropriate to your level of experience? If the answer is YES… then this training is for you!

We offer open forum training events, customized in-house training and business consulting services.

Our consulting and training materials have been presented to hundreds of organizations across the globe. These businesses have ranged in development from start-up. Our curriculum incorporates principles such as the value of integrity and excellence with the vision of providing a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to personal and organizational transformation.

The overall mission of our materials is to:

• Assume competitive leadership
• Create a flexible and efficient organizational design
• Establish a principle-based, collaborative work environment
• Involve and empower employees
• Our leadership development materials
• Communication
• Diversity
• Change management
• Effective supervisory skills

• Empowering performance
• Assessing your organization for high performance
• High performance leadership
• The trust factor
• The powers of persuasion
• Emotional intelligence
• High payoff hiring
• Conflict management


Other Courses

• Coaching your business team
• How to give and receive feedback
• Becoming an effective leader
• Leading through trust
• Leading people through change
• How to manage projects and meet deadlines
• The value of mentoring