New Jersey International Open University

New Jersey International Open University

Support from alumni and friends like you help us provide our students with a distinctive education, challenging programs, and life-changing opportunities that prepare them to succeed and make a difference in communities across the nation and around the world

Here at New Jersey International Open University we provide comprehensive and in-depthlearning materials which break down elements, allowing students to clearly identify the steps and procedures involved incompleting tasks, "We explain; Chat rooms,forums and live online classes allow students to interact with tutors and other learners."


Responsibilities include customizing learning plans and providing comprehensive welcome guides for new students. Also frequently checks emails and responding to emails within 24hours. When you graduate from New Jersey International Open University and become alum, your academic journey doesn’t have to be over. We help you keep the relationships so we continue to help you personally and professionally.

Our Alumni Association helps graduates stay connected to online classmates and to the university through a website and magazine dedicated to alumni news.

Our Mission

Across our worldwide network institutions, we share a mission to make quality of high education accessible and affordable so that more students can pursue their dreams.

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Students may transfer credits from another graduate or professional program if the credits are appropriate to the NJIOU programme.

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Directors Message

Maybe you want to enter the business world from scratch. Perhaps you already have a job but want to move to the next level. Or maybe you want to start your own business

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I will customize your workouts so that you can achieve your training goals. It's Truly Personal

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