New Jersey International Open University

New Jersey International Open University

Having to adjust your lifestyle to pursue a qualification can be challenging. No one understands this better than a busy parent, who needs to balance their professional ambitions with family priorities or abudding professional who needs to balance theirs priorities or a budding professional who need to balance theirs with their current job. The goal is a fulfilling career that does interfere with your life.

New Jersey International Open University understands what it takes to achieve that delicate balance, whichis why weprovide:

  • A flexible study format that fits around work and family life
  • Interaction and support from fellow students in the same position
  • Access to professions witch offer a better work lifebalance

Our Mission

Across our worldwide network institutions, we share a mission to make quality of high education accessible and affordable so that more students can pursue their dreams.

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Students may transfer credits from another graduate or professional program if the credits are appropriate to the NJIOU programme.

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Directors Message

Maybe you want to enter the business world from scratch. Perhaps you already have a job but want to move to the next level. Or maybe you want to start your own business

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I will customize your workouts so that you can achieve your training goals. It's Truly Personal

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